ISRAIT Session at the IMCAS World Congress

In January 2019 we had a fantastic and well attended session at the IMCAS World Congress in Paris in January 2019.


14:00 Presentation ISRAIT
14:05 Dr Marwan NUWAYHID: Surgical techniques: modified operative vaginal tightening
14:15 Dr Ozgur Ridvan LEYLEK: Semi-invasive techniques: thread and injections
14:25 Dr Barbara HERSANT: PRP and PRP-HA application in gynecology
14:35 Dr. Evgenii LESHUNOV: Non-invasive techniques: Laser applications in the genital tract – are we really bio stimulating or generating scar tissue?
14:45 Dr Jorge GAVIRIA: How long the laser tightening effects can last (under an educational grant)