“Only the joint efforts of diverse specialties can help the aesthetic and reconstructive genital treatments to develop sustainably. That is why the collaboration between gynecologists, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, urologists, psychiatrist and others is needed.”

(Dr. Marwan Nuwayhid)

Intimate treatments are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, the demand for these treatments is increasing at a rate
of over 25 % per year.
These include reconstructive procedures after injuries as well as aesthetic procedures to create a sense of well-being for the patient.
Parallel to these developments, the first national societies were were founded by dedicated colleagues. They have made great efforts to improve knowledge and skills in the field of intimate therapy.

It is time for us to share our knowledge at an international level.
This will provide significant impetus for further research and development in this field.

ISRAIT is the ideal platform for doctors to get in touch with experts from all over the world and benefit from their experience.
The members of ISRAIT come from a wide range of specialties such as gynecology, plastic surgery, urology, dermatology,
dermatology, sexual medicine and psychology.
This diversity is our strength and the pooling of our efforts will benefit our patients.

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